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Ever found yourself wondering why you’re doing what you’re doing at work? Us too.

Ever tried to find some meaning only to be thwarted by hierarchy, bureaucracy or general organisational bollocks? Us too.

Ever spent time finding ideas and ways to fix it all only to feel drowned in too much theory? Us too.

Having worked as people leaders in an organisation that was in the Times top 20 small / medium companies to work for, we thought we’d do something about it.

We provide short sharp interventions and light touch on-going support to help organisations create more meaningful places to work.

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About Claudia Meyer-Scott

I am passionate about people and believe that work can be fun. I care for others and always look for win-win situations. I challenge the status quo. I am a ‘roll your sleeves up’, curious, and collaborative kind of person. I am not afraid to fail and I’m very eager to learn. I like to have fun, try new things and do cool stuff.

After a very varied career I founded Meyer-Scott Consulting, where I want to use my experience and passion for people to help companies be exciting and motivating places to work, where people can be at their best and their success reflects the success of the business.

To me, engaged & motivated employees are key to happy and successful business. Through growing Clarasys into an award winning consultancy where people are at the heart of everything, I have a proven track record in the field of growing people and employee engagement. I am not afraid to take up a big challenge and get it done. Mostly, I enjoy working with people who dream big, know how to have fun and get things done.  I see challenges and changes as an opportunity to learn, grow and master.

I am privileged to live both in London and Buenne, a small village in North Germany. Both provide me with ample opportunities to chill out with friends and family and squeeze in some culture, exercise and good food and drink. I am equally happy with a chilled beer or champagne as long as the company is right.

About Tim Hawke

I care about the impact organisations have on individuals – their happiness, their careers and their sense of belonging. I firmly believe that the traditional employer – employee relationship can and should be invented to re-balance power and in doing so allow everyone to individually and collectively achieve great things together.

I professionally ‘grew up’ in big IT / consulting organisations, delivering consulting services to other big organisations. I’ve often been surrounded by talented people who have been stifled by the cultures they work in. I joined Clarasys and began working with Claudia in 2013. Since 2018, I’ve been Head of HR and People Experience as we’ve rapidly grown whilst maintaining the principles of trust, ownership and respect that we were founded on.

I like working with people that feel irritated or constrained by the ‘status quo’ of management practices and want to find a better way for themselves and their people.


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